Will Ghosts be in Sea of Thieves?

Ghosts currently don’t have any important role in Sea of Thieves. You barely meet them, there’s only one on the Ferry of the Damned. However, we have a lot of small hints and Concept Art related to Ghosts. Could they have a bigger meaning in the final game?

Ferry of the Damned

The Ferry of the Damned is as much a core Part of the game as it isn’t. Every player visits it earlier or later, but still, it doesn’t seem to have much of a deeper meaning.  Especially in connection with Ghosts, it is an important reference point.

Players turn into Ghosts once they die, while the only NPC Ghost is the Captain of the Ferry. This gives them a Key Role in the game. There are too many questions surrounding the Ferry for them not to have any deeper meaning. How did we turn into Ghosts? What even is the Ferry of the Damned? Who is the Captain?

To answer these questions, we will have to go back in time a bit more, to Comic-Con 2016 to be exact.

The Secrets of Comic-Con 2016

The Sea of Thieves Panel from 2016 is one of the best and most informative ones out there. I highly recommend taking a look at it if you are interested in the game.

The only Part of it that I am going to analyze is the section about Ghosts. It’s important to note that this Panel was before the announcement of the Ferry of the Damned.


These are the two early development animations that we got to see back then. Your first reaction might be “Sure, that were the first ideas that eventually turned into the Ferry of the Damned“. This, to me, looks like the most reasonable Conclusion. Yet this also means a lot more. It means that the Developers had “Ghosts” on their MindMap long before they even had the idea of the Ferry. The difference between the 2 Gifs and the actual result are rather big. That’s why I think that it is safe to assume that the developers, at the time of the Comic-Con, wanted to have Ghosts in their game, but didn’t yet know how to implement them.

The second option would be that these animations are part of something that we couldn’t get to see yet. The Ship is a “full” Ghost Ship, while the Ferry of the Damned isn’t. The Ghost appears on a normal Boat and not on the Ghost Ship from the second gif, hinting that they weren’t meant to be combined like they are on the Ferry. This could also reference that the developers didn’t, or didn’t always, plan to separate the Ghost world and the normal world.

Ghost NPCs

Mysterious Seer?

“Her “cursed ink” eyes are a testament to the many wonders and horrors she has seen and lived through, so she’s bound to have plenty of interesting things to share with you.”

This mysterious woman could support the second option. She was the teaser in a recent Character Art Update. Notable are especially her Eyes, which resemble the eyes that Ghosts have in the game. The Skull on her waist is another indicator for a possible connection to death. Cards are often connected with Fate, again supporting the speculation.

The main explanation for this character on the forums seems to be that she is some kind of witch and sells potions. I don’t think that this is the case. Nothing about her directly supports this assumption. Before I will tell you what I think, let’s analyze her appearance a bit:

  • Scars: She has Scars on her face, her chest, and her arms. They look like cutting wounds, maybe from battles in the past.
  • Skull with a Symbol: Skulls are a universal Symbol of Death. The Meaning of the symbol is unknown to me, even after some research. The only resemblance would be the Eye of Providence, which mainly shows the all-seeing eye of God.
  • The Pocket with Cards: Playing Cards are usually a Symbol of Fate or Gambling. On the pocket, there is an Eye-Symbol.
  • Necklace with a Red Gem: Could Have various meanings, seems to be some kind of Talisman.
  • Cursed Ink-Eyes: “testament to the many wonders and horrors she has seen and lived through”.
  • Bandages on Foot and Arms: usually connected either to fighting or religious/spiritual reasons

Looking at these points, it seems safe to say that this character has had a rough Background. The Fact that she lived trough “wonders” and “horrors” makes her even more mysterious, as if she was some kind of Seer.

She will have “interesting things” to share with us, meaning that she will probably sell some kind of physical item. I don’t currently know what these items will be, or whether they will be related to Ghosts and the afterlife in Sea of Thieves, but she is definitely an interesting character that seems to have supernatural abilities.

Pirate Lord

This Gif shows the Pirate Lord Concept Art.If you were at Comic-Con 2016, you even got a glow-in-the-dark figure of him! He is part of the “normal” world and appears in the tavern. There also is some kind of Story connected to this character as he does have knives in his back in the little statue.

Now, the interesting thing about him is better to see on the packaging. The picture on the top right shows him in front of a tavern. He is flipping a coin, giving him the look of a character you could interact or trade with in a gaming world. What’s even more interesting is his staff in his left hand. It seems to be a screaming Skull with glowing eyes. The Staff gives the feeling of some mystical, cursed but very strong artifact.

This tweet was made by one of the Forum Deckhands a while ago. 2 Devs responded to it and they’re answers suggest that the Pirate Lord has a lot to hide. Does this mean that Ghosts are more important than we currently know?


What do you think? Did I miss out on anything? Tell me your thoughts and ideas in the Comment Section down below and I will respond as fast as possible!

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